iRefer SA Directory

iRefer SA is a database of family law related services available throughout South Australia. As families have many unique needs this encompasses a wide range of services including:

  • Parenting courses;
  • Behaviour management courses;
  • Court services;
  • Disability services;
  • Female services;
  • Male services;
  • Indigenous services;
  • Domestic violence services;
  • Community Legal services;
  • Mental health services;
  • Pre-separation services;
  • Post-separation services;
  • Services for children, young people and teens;
  • Homeless services

iRefer SA is recommended for use by professionals helping clients to navigate the maze of services available, across a wide range of service providers. We also welcome the use of iRefer SA by members of the public.

The information contained in iRefer SA is growing rapidly as we learn of more and more services. Please let us know through our Contact Us page if you are aware of an important service that should be included, or if you spot an error.

Some service providers supply posters containing more detailed information such as dates and venues. These can be accessed from our Service Posters page.

* Use of the term iRefer granted under licence by CatholicCare Archdiocese of Melbourne & Greater Melbourne Family Law Pathways Network.