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KidsAreFirst Parenting Orders Program – Banana Splitz

Anglicare SA

This program provides support for separated families and often those that are in high conflict.

The Banana Splitz group program for children from 5-12 year old aims to normalize the children’s experience and emotions that come with living in a separated family, helping them identifying their support system and their sources of resilience. They also benefit from sharing time and space with other children in a similar situation.

After the initial registration, all services – for parents and children – begin with an individual appointment.

For parents and other caregivers, the program consists of the initial appointment, an online component and four sessions held weekly for 2 hours face-to-face in a group setting.

The Banana Splitz program has an initial contact with a parent, a child intake and 6 weekly group sessions for two hours each.

For adults and children that have completed the program we also offer Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) and shirt-term counselling support.

Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm
After hour appointments available on request including groups

After hours appointments available

$50 ($20 concession); fee waivers available

All separated families

Usually self-referred
Other service providers can make initial contact


Primary Location
82 Gilbert Street, Adelaide SA, Australia

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