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Peer Support of Dads and Mums

Parents Beyond Breakup

Dads in Distress: DIDs is a peer support group that has been operating around Australia for more than 20 years. We offer:

  • weekly support meetings that are open to all dads in distress;
  • a range of online meetings throughout the week and a 1300 number.

Parents Beyond Breakup is a non-profit group that supports parents experiencing trauma related to family breakdown and separation.

We not only support parents experiencing trauma through family breakdown and separation but also acknowledge the specific issues of parent-child contact and ‘parental alienation’, factors closely linked to stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and suicide in Australia.

We have a weekly in person meeting. The schedule can be found on our Facebook page.

There is also an online meeting and a 1300 number and the times can be found on the national website here:

After hours appointments available


Everyone after completion of the check in procedure.


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