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Family Dispute Resolution

Parents and children who are living apart often have to deal with the stress of separation as well as making difficult decisions about parenting/care arrangements and/or division of property. Family Dispute Resolution is an alternative way of discussing the issues following separation that aims to avoid the financial and emotional costs of becoming involved in […]

KidsAreFirst and Banana Splitz

KidsAreFirst provides support for all caregivers in separated families, especially (but not only) in the context of high conflict. The court may order caregivers to attend the course.  In addition, the service is open to all separated families. It is an open, non-judgmental space to explore the impact of the separation on all involved and […]

Peer Support of Dads and Mums

Dads in Distress: DIDs is a peer support group that has been operating around Australia for more than 20 years. We offer: weekly support meetings that are open to all dads in distress; a range of online meetings throughout the week and a 1300 number. Parents Beyond Breakup is a non-profit group that supports parents […]

Families In Focus

The Families in Focus team provide a range of services for couples, families, and individuals to achieve their goals for strong, healthy, and respectful relationships. In today’s busy life, technology and the work/life balance can affect the relationships you have with the important people in your life. Opportunities to connect, communicate and work through conflict […]

The Port Augusta Family Relationship Centre

The Centre offers a range of services to families affected by separation and divorce to assist and support them in reaching a decision about arrangements for their children and property settlement. To help families avoid the cost and stress of going to court, our qualified and accredited practitioners provide the following: Suitable referrals to appropriate […]

Children’s Contact Services

The Children’s Contact Service (CCS) is a child safe, child focused service which provides a family friendly facility to help children maintain or develop a positive, meaningful relationship with the parent or family member that they do not live with. The service can facilitate supervised changeovers and supervised contact visits at a safe and neutral […]

Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island Domestic Violence Service

Services include: Safe, short term emergency accommodation and help to find sustainable safe housing Links to counselling and other services Assistance for women from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds Help for women and children with disabilities Support with referrals for legal matters Community development and support programs Support with health, drug or alcohol […]

Community Justice Services SA Ltd

Community Justice Services SA Ltd is a community legal centre with office locations in southern Adelaide, Limestone Coast and Riverland areas. The centre provides free legal advice, information and referral and ongoing assistance and court representation, where appropriate, at no cost to eligible clients who cannot afford to pay a private solicitor and do not […]

Children’s Counselling – post seperation

Our focus is for healthy relationships through supporting positive communication and strengthening family connections. We can support children with: • improving self esteem; • coping with change; • understanding and managing emotions; • coping with parental separation; • general mental health; • supporting resilience; and • promoting healthy relationships.

Post Separation Support Services

Separation and divorce can be among the toughest experiences you will have in life. It is stressful and involves intense feelings and major changes which can be difficult to adjust to. Counselling support during this time can help you adjust to feelings of loss and make changes for the future. Our post separation support services […]

Family Relationship Centre’s Mount Gambier Family Relationship Centre offers a range of services to the Limestone Coast region including, but not limited to: family mediation, both property and child(ren); child inclusive practitioner; family and relationship counselling; children’s contact service; family reunification; family early intervention; post-separation parenting programs; men’s behaviour change; bringing up great kids; circle of security; […]

Community Legal Centre

Westside Community Lawyers is a not-for-profit community legal centre. Our lawyers provide free legal advice and legal representation community members in our catchment areas, including the Western suburbs of Adelaide, the Mid North and South Australian Outback.

Children’s Contact Service

Our Children’s Contact Services provide a child-focused and safe environment to assist children from separated families to maintain or develop a relationship with both parents where complex or difficult parenting circumstances exist. We provide a space where children feel comfortable and supported so that any distress and anxiety is reduced at times of changeover between […]

iKiDs (Supporting Children and Young People After Separation)

iKiDs (I Know I Do) is about helping children to understand, to express themselves and to participate in the decisions that impact on them. Parental separation can be hard for children and young people, as well as for the adults involved. It requires a major adjustment in children’s lives – not only are they often […]

Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

Separation and divorce is hard on everyone, but it’s particularly hard for kids. The Post Separation Cooperative Parenting program is available in the Riverland (Berri and outreach sites) and can assist you to: manage relationships better after separation; stay focused on the needs of your children. This program is for separated parents who: are finding […]